HI every one, a importer passe to my shop todays and told my that is importing weasal coffee to canada. Is familly own the farm and he have great price on it!!!

450$ per kilo roasted

350$ per kilo green bean

does it worth it ?

he said that if i sell in the coffee shop he supply the siphon !!

what do you guys think

any of you tryed?









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"Coffee by ass holes, for ass holes"  Here is a link to the feed on my cafes facebook page that is going on right now..http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-Shop/50103444617

so you think its clearly does nt worth it? that wath i thought so aswell. but did you try it?


I have cupped samples of this on a couple of occasions and was not particularly impressed.  You can get much higher quality coffees for much more reasonable prices.

sounds like a great deal, go for it

I say pass. Regardless of the taste and quality (which most people say is decent at best), buying Kopi Luwak is directly supporting animal abuse. It also supports a bean that relies mostly on a gimmick. FInd a cheaper bean that stands on its own and sell that.

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