have a 5kg USRC for sale, with the cyclone for chaff collection, available at the end of September. I bought it new from Dan in OKC directly just a little less than 2 years ago. It's been lightly but regularly used and regularly maintained. It has variable speed control for convection fan, which is controlled separately from the cooling tray fan. It is set up for natural gas. It has 3 temp probes: one for the built-in thermostat for the gas shutoff, the other two are thermocouples to be connected to your digital thermometer. They give accurate ET and BT readings. I use Artisan exclusively for logging all of my roasts. If interested, please message me directly. 
A little background:
I was able to get 3 90+ ratings from Coffee Review last year with thisroaster. Look up Coffee Factorial. I just have not had time to build up the business side, otherwise the roaster is in tip top shape. I roast regularly (like this morning) about 2 10lb batches every week, for 1 day of farmers market here in San Diego (Del Mar). I love the roaster and the coffee is phenomenal, so it's unfortunate. If you get this roaster, I will make sure you get great results out of it.

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Hey Andrew,

Quick question as I just purchased a 12k USRC. Have you had any issue with coffee coming out flat? I believe this has to do with airflow and the increased power with the fan unit but have not been able to confirm.  Just trying to find other USRC customers that might have had this issue.

Have interest in the roaster, Andrew.

bwynn...yeah, too much airflow

....too much airflow assuming that it is not a longer than normal roast

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