Just wondering if any cafe owners require their staff to wear uniforms, or if there are any baristas on here who wear them. If so, why are they required and what do you wear? If not, why?

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Everywhere I've worked so far is pretty laid back with the same requirements as everyone else. An apron was our uniform. But now I'm debating an actual uniform.

I'm figuring out 'uniforms' for my baristas. The space is elegant/contemporary. I certainly don't want to look like bux employees.  I do want them to wear what they want for the most part. Would an apron be enough of a uniform for this atmosphere?



I currently work at a cafe where we are required to wear a black tee-shirt.  I've been told its to look "classy" but there's nothing much classy about a plain black shirt and jeans.  I also feel like I'm losing my identity when I come to work.  Personally I am an advocate of a lenient dress code but if you're going to go for it go all the way like Intelligentsia and do vests and bow-ties and such, make it super classy.

We wear uniforms for a consistent brand image with my employer. It entails either khaki or black slacks (shorts allowed if it's hot, depending on management), solid black or white polo shirts/button downs, black socks, black non-slip shoes, and a belt. And, of course, the green apron.

It looks nice, and it's simple. I've also worked in stores where the dress code was blue jeans and a company t-shirt. Nothing else besides closed-toe shoes was necessary. I guess it depends on what mood you're going for: Casual and home-y, or slick and professional?

Personally, I encourage comfort with some restrictions: closed toe shoes, hair pulled back, make sure your shirts are clean and not too worn looking, keep shorts to a modest length (I don't want to see your bare butt), and I don't want to see lower back tattoos either.

But that's because I like being comfortable while I work. It keeps me happy.

However, recently, I've started dressing in button downs and decent slacks while being on bar and have found the clothing quite comfortable and it's got some positive reviews from customers.

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