I have an idea, I have some really nice shirts that we use for marketing. I think it would be cool to trade a few for some of your shirts.
Good or bad?

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I like it!
great idea.... i'll have some t-shirts in a couple of months, for grand opening.
Me too! We have a number of different designs and colors. 100% uniquely Indonesian!
Heck yea- I'm game
Heck, I may have some made so's I can get in on this :)
ill get in on this!
Okay, here is what I'll do, I will take a photo of our shirts & post it here...wait, does someone have a better idea? Maybe we could post pics of all the shirts in the same place? At any rate, we can post pics & that way you can ask to trade for whatever you like. I'm open to whatever.
I'm in, I have some T-shirts to trade for sure.
Okay, here is the deal, if you see a shirt you want, contact the poster directly rather than on this page. One, this will cut down on posts here, & also, if I ask you for a shirt but you think my shirt sucks, everyone doesn't have to hear about it :)
Here are 2 pics of my shirts, but a pic of the back is not shown. I have brown & pink short sleeve in ladies (babydoll cut), & beige ss in mens. I have black long sleeve in mens & black babydoll long sleeve in womens. All are M-XL, with XXL in the LS mens.

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