What software or system do you use to track expenses? I am trying to decide what software to purchase for bookkeeping. We use a payroll service for employees and already have agreat system for tracking sales, it's just the expenses part. should I just create my own spreadsheet or is a software program worth the cost?

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Hi Kelly, Our customers use some version of Quickbooks. This has been the most used bookkeeping software we have seen. So much so that we have an interface to it from our POS :)

Now if we can just get Mike and the Selby Soft team to GO MAC! We'd all be happy... until then... I'll keep learning PC.
Thanks Denise - bring that up again :) Just kidding - if we could ever get Apple to open source hardware so it was re-sellable for any kind of profit it just might happen!

Denise Smith said:
Now if we can just get Mike and the Selby Soft team to GO MAC! We'd all be happy... until then... I'll keep learning PC.
I'm using Quickbooks Simple Start Free right now. It was a free download from Intuit. For simpler operations, it looks like Simple Start is a good choice, and I like being able to try it with the free version. The only limitations appear to be that the free download version limits you to 25 customers, otherwise it is the same as the pay version. Worth looking in to.
we use quick books pro, and it is a very robust software. we use it to track sales and expenses and payroll. Our POS software was supposed to interface with it, but we found we still had to mess with the imports so it was actually faster to just manually enter our total daily sales into qb. (we can still get the specific sales info on the POS)

QB is a bit complicated so I'm fairly tempted to change next year..entering expenses and sales is very easy, but doing more complicated things like reconciling my bank account is tricky, and I leave that to my bookkeeper. So in a way, I'm paying a lot just to use this software, but I'm not a bookkeeper.

For my husband's business, we just use a simple excel spreadsheet at the end of every month.

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