I found out about a week ago that Tim Hortens is going into specialty coffee. For all you Americans out there they would be the equivalent of a crispy creme/subway. They are a true Canadian success story, I believe now owned by the Wendy's corp home of "baconator", which are good at 1am after about 20 libations. Tim Hortens focus has always been on doughnuts, inexpensive coffee, and very affordable lunches ranging from sandwiches to soup in a bread bowl. Their coffee has a distinct woody flavour and is mostly sold as a double double. Double sugar Double creme (18% cream). My entire body just shuddered after typing that. Most have drive thru's and the ones in my part of Canada are always packed! Line of car's at least 15 deep and it seems to never stop. I hear this is the norm across Canada. Apparently they are going to launch at $1.00 less for each drink latte etc.... then what Starbucks charges. They are using a Sharer super auto espresso machine to “craft” there beverages. Not sure why I’m posting this other then I find it interesting. I think it will have an effect on Starbucks in Canada as well as independent operators. Of course I feel that any place the prides themselves on preparation and quality will not be affected, but unfortunately that’s not the norm in Canada. This I guess is a warning to independent operators in Canada to get educated in the art of espresso preparation and really push the envelope in terms of quality. If you sell more drip coffee then espresso based beverages this probably means you.

Canada rules! Although I have to say this is probably the first time in my life that I'm jealous of your president. Actually Bill Clinton was legit to. Go Obama Go!


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You must have had 19 libations. You spelled Obama wrong!
My bad there is still a red line under though.

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