On the 16th of April, the 10th World Barista Championship will take place in Atlanta Georgia. With 58 champion baristas from around the world coming to compete, along with their coaches and supporters, this will truly be the premier and largest barista competition we’ve seen to date.

The competition will be held in conjunction with the Speciality Coffee Association’s annual Exposition but will itself be open to the public. As a result, we are anticipating large crowds of attendees, keen to learn more about the barista craft and see the world’s best at work.

We have designed a considerably larger WBC bar this year with a goal of engaging the customers through the eyes of the judges with only the drinks served in competition. The score sheet elements will be projected in the background so that the drinker can see phrases like "Color of Crema", "Taste Balance", etc.... rolling in the background as they sip on their beverage and the barista educates them on how to access it.

One bar will serve espresso.

One bar will serve cappuccino.

One bar will serve signature drinks.

The coffee will change each day and there will be no disposable cups. Instead, FAC have kindly created special espresso and cappuccino cups for the bar. A custom built bar for the event will be equipped with gear from Espresso Parts, three group Adonis machines from Victoria Arduino and Mahlkoenig Grinders.

In addition, there will be a Brew Bar featuring Marco's new prototype Uber Boiler, Chemex brewers, french presses, kettles and drip brewers from Bodum, a Tru Bru brew rail, as well as more grinders from Mahlkoenig.

The signature drink station will run special 30 minute presentations by champion baristas who have volunteered to make their signature beverages of past competitions, for the public and explain how they came about.

Needless to say we are very excited about this bar and how in alongside with the actual WBC, it will help to educate people about specialty coffee and raise awareness of just what it means to be a barista today. However, to make this a success, we need many of the great baristas we know will be attending to sign up and work the bar.

Should you indicate in your volunteer form that you would like to work the WBC bar, there is no guarantee because we must work out the best schedule for all the volunteers who have registered. Ideally we’d like experienced competition baristas to help work the bar though we'll consider similarly skilled baristas.

This bar will run for each of the 4 days of the event and rely on the time of many great baristas. As an incentive to those considering volunteering, we are offering items in return for hours worked. A 5 hour shift will grant you show floor access to the SCAA Exposition, taking place in the same conference hall and for additional hours more goodies are in store.

So if you are planning on attending the 10th World Barista Championship and if you’re able to make coffees to WBC standards and would like to work alongside names such as Hoffmann, Wendleboe, Yung, Makin, Baca and Sara, then go to www.worldbaristachampionship.com and fill out the volunteer form.

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WOAH... great idea. Will be checking this out for sure.
I'm so freaking excited for Atlanta... is it mid-April yet?

Awesome! Can't wait!
argh just being able to have a chance at working bar at the wbc gives me half a mind to book the flight ...
Cant wait, so ready for the WBC! Will be volunteering all weekend, so if I am lucky maybe you will see me at the bar :P

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