I just had a cool idea for helping to educate customers, and I thought I'd share with y'all.  I was in a little coffee shop the other day, and noticed that behind the counter they were using one of those digital picture frames that you can set on "slideshow".  They were using it to showcase their food special.  

So I was thinking it would be great to show pictures of Good Espresso Shot vs Bad Espresso shot comparisons, or good foam vs bad foam, real macchiato vs 'Big Macc etc.  This would help people learn, or at least open dialogue with you, plus be a clear indicator that your shop knows what it's doing.  

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This is an awesome idea. Our registers have a small lcd screen on the front that shows guests what they ordered, but also can display photos and flash animations. We usually just use it for advertising seasonal specials but, I think this would be a great place to educate as well. Thanks for the suggestion!
excellent. i already used my laptop last weekend to show the USBC during business hours, but i love the idea of basically a powerpoint presentation. rob forsyth did that at his café in sydney when i worked there, but he had pictures of origin trips.
Great idea. We have a couple of "coffee hints" slides in the rotation on ours with brewing tips, but the majority of the show is candid shots of customers around the shop - people really love that. Also a couple of ads for customers' businesses. Will have to do some more educational pictures.
such a great idea.
This is a great idea to do a side-by-side "ours" and "theirs".
I'm going for it. Technology is our friend. Like how BX works for us. Any way we can bring and display our passion to our clientele is hot and timely.
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We have a plastic desk guard sheet (purchased at an office supply store) at our order/checkout counter. Under the sheet are latte art pictures we shot at our cafe and printed. I also have espresso pour "action shots" that pique the interest of customers. We also use this space to advertise events at our cafe and handcrafted drink features.

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