Does anybody have any ideas on teflon milk pitchers.
They look mighty nice but is there a big difference wh it comes 
to stretching and steaming milk?

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They look nice, are easier to clean, don't make steaming milk any easier or harder, but the teflon wears away around the spout and the edges around the top. If you keep your milk jugs clean anyway there is no real point in getting them. Having used them, I would never buy them.

i would be worry for health issue for my costumer!! teflon coating is nasty stuff!!

i would be worry for health issue for my costumer!! teflon coating is nasty stuff!!

Many espresso machines have teflon gaskets and/or washers (as do many faucets and plumbing systems).  Not sure adding a teflon pitcher would change exposure significantly.  I haven't heard anything aside from far reaching speculation about the negative health concerns of teflon.  Do you know of anything I don't?  That said, I tend to try to minimize unnecessary exposure to all sorts of chemicals.

As for the OP, I have never used the teflon pitchers, so can't say.  Seems if you rinse after each use a teflon lining wouldn't offer any advantage. 


I wouldn't worry about teflon fumes, as the pitcher shouldn't get high enough to produce them. HOWEVER there may be a risk associated with any ingestion route. If there are areas where the teflon "wears off" you know where that coating went... into the drinks you're serving.

I've retired most of my teflon pans at the house to reduce potential unnecessary health consequences. Its great stuff in the right application - like gaskets. However it has some serious questions in others.

Rinse your pitchers regularly and stainless should be perfectly adequate.

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