I'm interested in everyone's opinion on whether milk steaming pitchers should be chilled (in the fridge or otherwise) before use or not. I've seen some shops keep their clean pitchers in a fridge, others just keep them on a shelf under the counter.

Are there advantages/disadvantages one way or another?

What do you do, or what is your thought?

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Ok... I think you know what I mean. During a rush is something else. I think the question was more of a general question. I think everyone is in agreement on this issue. Case closed?

Brady said:
I don't understand this line of thought - always putting them in the fridge after each use. OK on a slow afternoon, but in the morning? I'd be concerned about your bar fridge temp about half an hour into a rush if you are in the fridge for every single drink. And unless you have 10+ pitchers, I don't see how they are going to be in the fridge long enough to help the bacteria problem. I'm still with Bryan, miKe, and Adrian on this - chill them if you can, but its really no big deal.

And, I don't care what they teach in the SCAA class, NEVER resteam milk (or even hold it for 5 minutes). Just learn how to fill your pitchers.
Brady is my hero.
Chill those pitchers and work on portion control. Never re-steam milk. People are paying for a fresh drink, not re-heated left-overs. Lots of hiphens.

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