this morning i ventured out and ordered a capp from an unassuming cafe(which will remain nameless). harmless sounding yes? no. what followed was gut wrenching. I watched at first confused then agape with horror as the "barista" poured my shot into the steaming pitcher then covered that with cold milk then airated for something like a billion seconds until i could smell the scalded remains of said milk, this was poured into a cup then finished off with a 2nd run-through of espresso of the same puck (!).... how does this equate to delish or even acceptable to a person? terrifying. moments like this morning make me wonder why I'm not doing more consulting gigs... must get cards printed..........


i needed to share that has anyone else seen such crazy things blossom from an unassuming coffee order?



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haha oh my gosh, that has to be the worst thing I have heard about. I feel so sorry for you, i hope you tried to explain politely that you were never going to drink that.
That's incredible. I do hope you at least tasted it... I'm curious now.
Wow. "Unassuming anonymous cafe" FTW. That's the best one I've heard. Thank you for sharing.
I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.  eww.
Thats hella rad. What sized cup?
I went to cafe a few months ago with my mother. She got an iced coffee. She loved it. I got a cap. It was sooooo huge with tons of xl foam. I took my first sip and discovered it taste as bad as it looked. The barista came over to our table (it was a slow day at this shop) and asked us how everything was. I said my mom likes her iced coffee but my cap is really not good at all. I told him there was way too much milk and foam, that I could barely tell there was espresso in my drink. I asked who there roaster was and said that maybe they need some other beans. Then he told me this.......we run the shot twice using the same puck. Then I understood why my beverage was so bad. Believe it or not, I wanted go give them another try. So I stopped by again a few weeks ago. The doors were locked...shut down. Too bad, the place was really cute!
This is awesome! Im pretty sure you couldnt make up something more awesome than this. Man, I want to go there just to see this happen in person. Maybe you were getting punked...?
that's amazing.

I mean...I'd want to TRY it...


I wouldn't want espresso to creep through the wand into my boiler, though

You think espresso on the steam wand is bad? I just happened upon this gem:




Mind you, this is a machine-sales company in Seattle.

It's too bad the barista didnt go the extra mile and try putting milk gelatin in the portafilter, and pulling a shot with that. Progression.
Gah! Nothing quite that bad. That really just makes my skin crawl. Yikes.

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