I just finished restoring a 1997 Brasilia Portofino 2GR/DIG and now that all the essentials are where they need to be, I'm looking into aftermarket steam wand tips/nozzles and having absolutely no luck.  I've worn out the poor Google machine trying to find out which tips are interchangeable with which machines and no one seems to know.  Surely someone out there has put together a table or database for steam wand tips for different brands similar to the portafilter basket size tables...

I'm also aware that there may simply not be aftermarket tips or this particular steam wand but I'd hate to give up for lack of effort.  If anyone knows where I can find a good tip, I'd appreciate it.


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I am looking forward to other responses to this, cause I've wondered the same thing before about other machines.

Before we talk aftermarket, what about OEM? Does the manufacturer stock tips from other models that may be interchangeable? Sometimes other models will have different hole configurations but the same thread. For example, I know this is the case for Nuova Simonelli - you can put the current WBC model Aurelia tip on an old MAC2000V if you want. It might be worth checking out if you haven't already.
And if the problem is too many holes yielding just too much steam volume (not referring to velocity) JB Weld can sometimes be a solution. My home Fiorenzato Bricoletta machine aftermarket tips impossible to find or did find all of one and it was too restricted, but 4 hole medium bore stock tip simply dumps pressure too fast. After first testing with toothpicks, 2 of 4 holes JB Welded closed around two years now.
Brady, I think Brasilia USA does stock some tips and I've sent them an e-mail. This is actually a project I'd be willing to put some time into. It would only be a matter of finding out the diameters and thread patterns of the steam wands from different makes and models and making lists of machines that overlap. This has become more of a stand on principle than a matter of fixing my personal problem.

Mike, I'd thought about this and the idea of puttying up my steam wand was a little intimidating. Now that I have a mandate and proof that it works, I'll certainly give it a shot. Thanks!

Ricky, that's a really good point. I think for most people, though, $5 - $10 is worth spending in order to not have to spend the time and effort breaking out the old drill press. For those of us that can't find parts, however...
Yeah... I hear you. The problem I see is that it goes beyond thread... there are so many different engagement lengths, gasketing schemes, wand diameters, etc, that it'd be hard to tell from the list whether something would actually work. One could certainly make a nice list of things that wouldn't work together though.

I'll play around a bit tomorrow and see if I can find any that are interchangeable and post back. No Brasilias in my world, though.

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