alright ya'll, post pictures and stats of your espresso shots! prettiest shot wins a free double espresso at my shop if you ever get to Asheville.

20g dose
30 sec extraction @ 195 F
~2 oz. shot
café remon blend, our espresso blend (sumatra, ethiopia, peru)
syrupy texture, slightly bubbly due to the naked portafilter and outgassing (it's fresh). bit of tart muscadine grape initially, with a bready texture and baker's chocolate finish.

what are your shots looking like?

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Double shot brewed at around 202 F, 120 psi at the portafilter on a modified PID'd Isomac Zaffiro:

Jared, yours looks like butter whereas mine looks more watery:( Hella nice looking shot man!!
Brazil,Guatemalan,Papua New Guinea , Mexican, Nicaraguan
Smooth & creamy on the tongue, rich dark chocolate notes with a hint of smokeyness

Let's do our best to keep them in focus....Too hard to judge otherwise.
I'll get some pics up tomorrow when I'm dialing in Miss Aurelia.

Another view:

Dose: ~18g (dense coffee means heavy dose weight at below-rim volumetric dosing)

Final shot weight: ~14g (including water)

Dwell time: ~22s

Coffee: Winter Blend 2009-2010 from The Brown Coffee Co.
Blend: 40% Guatemala Huehue Finca Vista Hermosa, El Eden lot ; 60% PNG Western Highlands, Madan Estate

Flavor description: I can't say. I've been a bit stuffed up today, but 2 days ago as a drip brew, it tasted a whole lot like Bubblicious' watermelon flavor. Intense sweet fruit. A little toastiness from the roast profile.
Here is what our espresso, Malabar Gold Supreme, looks like.

21 grams in a triple basket and bottomless portafilter.
30 second extraction
207 deg F water temp
8 bar pressure

Our proprietary blend of Indian coffees, 11 days after roast @ full city. Smooth, syrupy, exceptional chocolate with spicy overtones and highly aromatic.
Indonesia Lake Tawar. 2 oz. Normale. 21gr. in a Marzocco 21gr. basket. 26 seconds.

Stumptown's Hairbender. 1.5 oz. Ristretto. 19gr. in a Synesso 18gr. basket. 24 seconds.

Both from our Marzocco Linea.
I dropped in to see more photos. Let us see some more.
Where's the creama?

Marek said:

Marek for the win for sure! :o)

Ok Dr. John were back on track.
Double shot pulled in an 8oz cup to study creama development.
Not for direct competition. More for fun.

Joseph Robertson said:
Where's the creama?

Marek said:



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