I have issues with soy milk.

I think it's yucky... always. I know it's necessary for lactose intolerant people, vegans, etc. so i wonder if there's a better way to do it so i don't feel like i'm poisoning my customers.

Perhaps I'm steaming it wrong or using a bad brand? Maybe rice or almond milk would be better?

I would love to hear some opinions on the matter.

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When you steam regular milk, does it come out okay? Check the fat content of the soy and you might want to try a different brand. I've used Costco's soy which turns out really creamy and Pacific Blender's Barista Series which can turn out really thinly. Believe it or not, soy has some fat content, and because it's literally bean juice, there are levels of dissolved solids... just like cow milk. I found choosing your soy brand is just like choosing your milk brand. Pacific is the one I use, just like Andrew mentioned. Just take care in your steaming.
If you can control the amount of steam that you use. It takes longer but you can take the time to control the tip (which should be near the top, barely peeping out of the liquid to make that pssst! sound) so that it doesn't bubble so much. The more you work it over (practice), then you can adjust to become faster.

Katy said:
Thanks for all the great comments. We've used several brands, but the common problem I have is that it bubbles too much and ends up burnt. My customers haven't complained much because their mostly strays from the starbucks that closed down the street, but I have gotten a few comments on it.
pacific soy great company great product.

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