Hey all, I'm just wondering if La Marzocco has something comparable to the Soft Infusion System that Nuova Simonelli has?  I like the idea of pressure ramping up slowly instead of being slammed by full pressure instantly.  I know our GB5 has the pre-brew option but I haven't found desirable results from this.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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I guess a flow restrictor aka gicleur is considered "soft infusion". So yes, GB5 and most other have it or can retrofit gicleurs. By selecting different diameters, you can influence the pressure ramp up.

Andy, shoot me an email and I'll be happy to explain the GB/5's system. you can reach me at scott at la marzocco usa dot com.

Hey Scott. Any chance you'd be willing to sketch out a quick explanation here so the whole community could benefit? I'm certain that more than just Andy would like to learn more about it. Thanks!

This should make is easier. This is from NS paper on the Aurelia.

Soft Infusion excerpt

Hey Guys,

 Comparing systems and design philosophies can quickly become a topic for more debate than I personally am comfortable with as I do not love writing. Anyone and everyone who finds this thread should please feel free to email me directly, the inclusion of a phone number would help greatly!

 If you would like some research we have done at La Marzocco that I feel everyone can learn from. (and keeps me from having to write an essay ;) ) please watch this video on water conditioning.  http://nordicbaristacup.com/2013/09/water-the-main-ingredient-in-co...

I hope you all have a great day!


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