Any advice on smoothies? I like Sweet bird peach and Mango. Dr Smoothie Strawberry is good too. Is there anything else on the market?

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$4.25. we have about $1.85 into it.

Bambi Clark said:
Is that cost effective? What do you have to charge for a 16 oz smoothie?

Jared Browers said:
What you should try out is IQF (individually quick frozen) strawberries, blueberries or others from your food or produce supplier. Luckily we are part of a family of companies that includes a grocery store with a great produce section. We end up getting some cool fruits available in the summer but we always keep IQF Strawberries, raspberries on had to make our real fruit smoothies.

We make one size only 16oz: one full cup of the fruit, 3oz vanilla yogurt, 3oz of milk. We have soy yogurt for lactose intolerant. They are legendary and taste like a smoothie not like a Kwik-E-Mart squishee from Apu. (Simpsons anyone?)

We have a blend tec smoother that works like a dream 17000 cycles and counting
Call Bapi at My Chai. He will hook you up with some samples and he ships nation wide. His mix is similar to Dr. Smoothie... as in NO JUNK, but tastes much better because it's always super fresh berries, peaches, strawberries that he gets locally to make the puree. Blows Jet tea out of the water and in my opinion is much better than Dr. Smoothie.
His site is

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