Why should coffee sleeves cause us so many issues?!

We have decided to use a logo self-inking stamp on our sleeves....actually looks pretty good, EXCEPT, we need some sleeves that are smooth on the outside to receive the stamp/ink!

Would love the corrugated (inside) variety.....

anyone have a brand they love?

Of course I saw the perfect variety in a small cafe in Alaska recently....the owner wasn't around to ask! 

If you know a brand that would hold the ink stamp well, let me know! 

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I've been double-cupping so as to not have to purchase sleeves separately. So I have nothing to contribute--but I would like to see other peep's suggestions!

We use BriteVision.com, the sleeves we get aren't perfectly flat, but they probably have something that is. We pay $40 per case of plain craft color sleeves and free shipping.

You could also check out sleeveamessage.com

You won't find a better deal than sleeveamessage.com

I partner with a business, and they cover half the cost. So I get nice printed sleeves for 25 bucks a case. The other business covers shipping. Not the usual 1200 to a case. 1000. But still. a great deal. By themselves, 36 per 1000. But the white sleeves are contour less, and it's a ribbed inner. It's pretty epic.

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