I have a yama siphon, and fired it up for the first time the other day. I was extremely bummed out when 30 min of heat passed with no boiling...I reboiled water and poured it in WHILE the heat was going. 


I'm using the alcohol lamp...which i didn't know it came with...I thought I'd be getting a butane burner. The lamp is sort of tough to control water temp, but you can always move it off center. 


I read the directions and set the wick to 3mm...BS!! I pulled out much further, and nothing...This thing is a major piece. I'm going to try today with a MUCH larger flame and let you know how it works...but just BEWARE...it's a bummer. 


I used a camping stove, which was sooooo overkill, but...I'd love if anyone had a spare heat source that they would be willing to lose. 

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Yeah, get a butane burner.  They're not hard to find(anymore).
Call Northwest Glass Designs, order a butane burner and be done with it.

I got mine from NW Glass Designs.  I have, both, the alcohol burner (which I seldom use) and the butane burner (Jason's got the right idea -- get one!  Plus, it's rad!) 

I have a cheap hotpot that I boil the water in before I use the Siphon.  The alcohol burner works just fine with hot preboiled water and the butane burner saves, well... butane.

You know to start with water just off boil right?  Even with a butane burner you're going to be using a ton of fuel if you're starting from cold.



Yeah, I think I mentioned that I retried it with boiling water. 

I'm happy to say, that I've got it working now! The directions said...3mm...?? Which is 1. impossible to measure. and 2. Way too small. I have the wick about an inch out. They key was to light it when the water is almost boiling, set it under the pre-heated server, and pour the boiling water in while the heat source has a large flame touching the glass.


I tried my best to stabilize the temp. My pressure was fine and there were only a few small bubbles in the top part. But I'm having some trouble with the coffee, it is bitter and has 0 sweetness, but I can taste the potential if you know what I mean. 


Suggestions? Grind = lil' finer than pourover, ratio = 24g/12oz, time = 40 sec (10 sec stir at beginning). 


I can drink it, but am not really enjoying it that much. 

Bryan Wray said:

You know to start with water just off boil right?  Even with a butane burner you're going to be using a ton of fuel if you're starting from cold.





This is a useful and informative guide that appears to answer most of your questions. Good luck getting it dialed in!

If you are using the alcohol burner, make sure you are using denatured ethanol, not rubbing alcohol.  Denatured burns much cleaner and hotter and will reduce your time to boil.  Denatured EtOH is available at any big box home improvement store, or any store that sells paint.

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