I'm curious about how other coffee shops utilize the internet, and how they present themselves online. What does your cafe website look like? What do you primarily focus it towards (or what are your goals with it?) What sort of upkeep do you practice, how often is it updated, and by who?

Thanks! :) Can't wait to see your sites!

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The website encompasses all 10 locations that compose Boston Stoker.
...it seems like I overcompensate for my small start-up with big posts...
I have asked myself the same question. We are considering a functional website where we (as owner operators) would be able to make simple changes when the time came to update menus etc. We were also thinking of having facebook and twitter feeds for promotional activity and perhaps having a flickr link in photos that we upload to bring the community element back in tot he website (not just at the shop). Sounds great eh? But our designers were going to charge us an arm and a leg (not including copy write). So instead we have the 'under construction' page (www.sidneyscoffee.com).

How likely are we to recieve return from a website that cost $2000+ to design?

Our blog on the other hand is a work in progress, but we are getting the confidence to press the 'publish' button as we gain momentum. sidneyscoffee.wordpress.com
My web site is being used to promote the third shift.

The morning shift has its own regulars on their way to work.
The afternoon shift has its own regulars on their way home from work.
The night shift is there to serve to people who want somewhere to chill out in the evening. That's who I'm after.

alright: here's my rough draft/basic version
http://amazingorigins.net/ is the site - sorry
My website is at www.echocoffee.com.

We get a healthy number of clients that tell me that they read about the shop before coming in. Everything from directions, to hours, to tge history of Echo Coffee, and what makes us unique.

Lots of people google our shop name after driving by the store, curious what we are, since we are less than 2 months old.

My site is just a wordpress blog with a well done professional theme. I'm able to add new content anytime from anywhere.

Next up for me is to add the ecommerce content to sell our fresh roasted, whole bean coffee online.

If you do a website, I'd recommend a layered strategy with facebook and Twitter as well. Use every avenue you can to drive traffic to your website.
What is in a chai cooler and london fog?

Brady said:
Here's our main website:


Its purpose is to create interest in and answer questions about our store. That's the reason for all of the pics on the main page... trying to give people a real feel for our store. It sees the occasional update to change the seasonal look and feel. All design and updates are done by the owners.

We also have a Facebook page that is meant to provide real-time information - brews of the day, special events, etc. That one is updated daily. It is meant to be a method of more direct communication with our current customers.

We used to half-heartedly maintain an email list for blast updates, but that fell by the wayside...

Actually the same site right now covering both my concessions & catering but eventually I'll build 2 seperate sites, 1 each for catering & concessions.
I have a gmail mail calendar directly linked to the events page, so it is updated instantaneously. I also linked the facebook/twitter together!
I prefer simple sites, simple designs and mostly HTML. A site that loads fast and gives the necessary information. Then, once that's settled, a little something extra for the regulars to enjoy is always fun.


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