So, we use a self-serve water pitcher in my cafe, and we've gotten a bit sick of the lid randomly sliding off and spilling ice everywhere when people pour themselves a glass. Granted, we do sometimes fill water bottles for people from the tap, but most people are into the eco-friendly self-serve "let's use a reusable cup for water" thing.

My question to you is this: any suggestions for a water pitcher with a sturdy lid? Either one that has a lid that can lock into place, or one with a study enough lid that it won't go sliding off onto the floor when used?

Thanks in advance!

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There are some nice ones with spigots on the bottom that let the customer just push the button or pull the lever to dispense.
We had the same problem with spills when customers were pouring from the water pitcher. I recently found a pitcher with a better fitting lid and I don't believe we have had any spills since. It is a Cambro pitcher and I got it on Here's the link to the product. By the way, Restockit comes in handy for other restaurant supplies as well.

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