My company has recently had issues with the roaster we've been working with for 20 years and will have to search for a new roaster. Our goal is, of course, to have a product we can stand behind and put our label on, AND have delivered the same day each week. We would also like to have the ability to move into doing nitrogen flushed cans for our retail.

We need several different single origins, a house blend, a decaf, as well as a regular and decaf espresso.

We are opening our first cafe in about 6 weeks and will be opening 2 more within the next 2 years. So, we need someone who is capable of doing the volume we expect. We expect to use somewhere around 30 lbs of regular coffee, 30 lbs of espresso, and 10 lbs of decaf drip and 5 lbs decaf espresso. per week to begin with. In addition to the coffee consumed in the cafe we are going to be marketing it to other cafe's in the area that don't have any of their own "branding". Our orders could get pretty big as we just hired a seasoned "pro" as our vp of sales. So, it's hard to gauge how much volume we could be doing in the next few years, but we definitely need someone who's big enough to do the volume but not so big they wont do private labeling.

I haven't got a clue where to start besides to rely on the experience of the experts here on BX. If I could please get some direction, and please no off topic posts. I'd do a lot of the research but I also have to source a million other things. Thanks so much!

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Hi Ryan,
20 years? Man, you guys have been around for awhile then...congrats! I want to be careful about how much self promotion I'm doing on here as I think it can make me look like a used car salesman...
all that to say, if you're in the Carolinas / Virginia area, I'd love to talk to you about Joe Van Gogh. We're a roaster / retailer and we've been around for awhile ourselves, but we're growing and always re-tooling to make ourselves better and looking for people that we can partner with as more than just wholesale accounts.

While we don't have a canning operation I'm open to new ideas and would welcome your thoughts. Again, if you're in the southeast, I'd point you towards Jittery Joes in Athens as well...they've been packing their coffee in cans with some eye-catching labels.
Feel free to contact me on here or send me an email to Thanks!
Hello Ryan,

I'm the lead roaster for Evocation Coffee. Our company might be right up your alley. Send me an email at and we can talk.
Hey give us a call at Mocha Joe's Roasting Company - 802 257 5637. We'd love to help you.
Hello Ryan, if I may be of service please write me an email
I can provide many alternatives on what you need.
Depending on where you are... no calls necessary, just check it out and see if it's a good fit for you. I'd be happy to direct some samples your way.
If you're not near the southern states and don't mind your coffee being shipped, I highly reccomend the Coffee Roasters of New Orleans. They're great people, and they have a very generous offering of single origins, blends, and espressos. They also have great flavored and decaf varieties. I've worked for a cafe that switched from another roaster to Coffee Roasters, and I have to say that our customers noticed the increase in quality.

They also have syrups, teas, cups, and other supplies you may need. If you're interested, definitely check them out at

Good luck! I'd love to know who you settle with when the time comes.
Hey Ryan - Ask me about this when we talk next - I have some referrals for you on the roasting side.
Hi there! Our company would be more than happy to supply you with roasted coffee. We are located in Charlottesville, Virginia and could ship to you on a regular weekly basis. You can check out our site at: If you call ask to speak to Dave, he is the owner as well as our Roast Master.

Thanks for all the great replies! You've given me much to look into. We'll be getting in touch asap.
Hi Ryan,

Looks like you have your pick of the litter. I'm not a roaster, just a barista and a coffee geek. While I haven't tasted many of the offerings being suggested I have had the pleasure of sampling Batdorf and Bronson and loved it. I believe they have a roastery in Atlanta, so you'd have the local angle covered. I don't have a dog in the fight, so maybe that counts for something. Best wishes to you as you go through this transition.

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