~ SALTED COFFEE: Taiwan chain adds sea salt to cold cream foam. Next innovations: cheese coffee & fruity coffee. http://tinyurl.com/SaltedCoffee

Has anyone tried this?

Sounds great to me. Salted caramels have become very popular, too. Today I am adding sea salt and rum to dulce de leche for cappuccino squiggle.

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Isn't "cheese" on the flavor defect wheel?

I knew that having a trace mineral content in your water had positive contributions to flavors, but hadn't played with adding salt. May try this tomorrow. I do like the salted caramel+chocolate, but had been avoiding it so as not to be "me too"ing the starbies drink... I know they didn't invent it, but...
Can someone define "the creamy foam and chilled cream"? I'm not sure what they mean by that.
The part about the cream and foam is vague. Their approach and point seems to be - to add the salt to the milk/cream portion rather than directly into the coffee. Exactly how they make the drink remains a mystery. It appears the writer didn't understand the topic fully. I didn't find a web site for the coffee chain.
I'm all for it...just don't call it a cappuccino.
a salt taste in coffee can date back hudreds of years from when dutch traders had to carry coffee all the way around the cape of good hope from east africa and arabia to europe. salt water would seep into the coffee due to poor balasts on these old wooden ships. some coffees especially indian coffees now replicate this affect by monsooning thier coffee's ( drying beans on large covered flats during monsoon season, causing the coffee to be misted by the rain) causing a natural salting.
Wow, talk about different. . . I have never heard of adding salt, this is very interesting! Thanks for the info and link. Great stuff.
More details from Time Magazine on salted coffee in Taiwan.

a friend of mine was experimenting with a bacon inspired drink, she used Himalayan pink salt and mexican smoked salt. I think she also used maple sugar in the milk. It was really good.
Funny that you posted this. I've been messing around with salt since right next door to us is a Brueggar's Bagels. So far a carmel latte with a bunch of caramel sauce on top and a sprinkle of sea salt has been the favorite
Cedric, Can you post a photo or video? Inquiring minds . . .
Thai Patton from the Cup in Boulder got into the finals at MRBC last week with a Bacon sig drink, (milk steamed in pitcher with cooked bacon strips, if I recall). I heard it was salty. Didn't get a chance to taste.
I guess there's even more to it than what they're doing in Taiwan. You can even add salt to the brew! I found a lot of background and recipes here: http://thedossiers.net/salted-coffee/

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