I have a chance to purchase two used RR4590 grinders that appear to be in great shape.  The owner said that they are Nuova Simonelli grinders.  I'm guessing that these were manufactured for Nuova Simonelli and are an older model than the MDX grinders.  Does anyone have any thoughts on these grinders?  How do they compare to the N.S. MDX grinders?


I can get two RR4590's and a bunn G3 for $400 total.  I haven't been able to find much info on the RR4590 though.




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Those are two different grinders. Simonelli obviously doesn't make grinders, just brands them. I have one of the old (Rossi)RR45s. It's pretty ghetto: it has stepped adjustment, a flat burr set about the same size as a super jolly. New burrs are available for about $40 and there's a mod you can do to make it stepless. With the mod, you basically have the same capability as a SJ.

The other one can go by MDN, MDX, MDNA, MDU, MDUA in a few different brands. I have a brand new one with the European branding from the actual manufacturer. This is another 64mm flat burr grinder but with a nice stepless micro-adjust knob, and the way it's set up you can change the burrs without losing your setting. These are one of the best deals out there for this genre of grinder, and the micro-adjust is way more user friendly than the collar thing on the Mazzers.

Overall, sounds like a decent deal but not crazy good unless it's with all new burrs.

I can find very little info on this particular model, only seller-provided pictures on Craigslist. Those pictures of RR4590 looks to be nearly identical to the Rossi RR45 that Jeremiah described, including the adjustment mechanism.

The MDX grinder is a good grinder that I like and would happily put on my bar. I would not put a RR45 on my bar or recommend it to a customer. Though it appears that they are similar, as in most things the devil is in the details. Doser construction and burr carrier/adjustment mechanism are the big differences that I can recall.

A deal is only good if it is for something you would buy anyway.

For the record, I know nothing about the manufacturing origin of the MDX.

Yeah, definitely. I don't mean to imply that the RR45 is the same as a super jolly, just that they have roughly the same burr set. The adjustment mech. is janky as hell.

Thanks for the info guys.   We have 2 MDX's at the shop and one at home. We will designate the RR4590's as home grinders then.

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