Simple question, but likely not a simple answer.  I do most of my roasting on a Diedrich IR3.  No issue with it.  I do most of my test roasting on a Hottop.  But the issue is that my roasting temps are a little different.  For instance on a 6 pound roast on the Diedrich first crack occurs at 380.  On the Hottop, 7 ounces reached the same point at 370.   Everything is the same except the machine.  So my question is: why?  I'm roasting them in the same room.  everything.  What is causing that?  On the Diedrich I usually drop the coffee in at over 400 and it drops down to 180 or so and on the Hottop it gets dropped in around 175.  I haven't noticed a big difference in the product.  Just a difference in temps and times.  I suppose it could be a difference in just the actual thermometer.  

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You're never going to get the same temp readings between machines. Too many variables--batch size, probe placement, machine contruction, whatever. Surprising that yours are as close as they are.
It's a probe placement issue. The difference of a couple of centimeters can mean a couple of degree Fahrenheit.

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