Use this thread to list your roasting equipment for sale or if you are looking to buy any roasting equipment. Please limit to commercial roasting equipment. Roasters, After Burners, Destoners, Bean Blenders, Baggers, Sealers, etc.

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Mark Kendall said:

Jaye said:

Searching for a smaller 2k-5k roaster. I'm in California US thanks.
Is a 7k too big? I'm in Tucson, AZ
I'm motivated to sell my roaster, lease ended, closed coffee shop, been paying storage for too long. See earlier Post for 7k Lido Vittoria for sale.
Hi, I'm both new to this group and the forum.

I have a Probat LP5 from 1950:s for sale. Working condition and is used as we speak. Motor, burners and electrics are new (2012). Digital bean probe is installed. It runs on propane and electrics are 220v 50hz, but can off course be simply turned into other voltages by the buyer. It has been very well maintained by us daily.
Located in Sweden but can be shipped out of Europe as well.

We will have our new 12kg roaster delivered to us within the next few weeks and have no room for two roasters so we need to find a new home for it fast.

You can find a video of the roaster at our FB-page (search: Sandby Kafferosteri). We promise a really nice roaster to a humble and affordable cost.

Mattias at

Looking for a used but operational 5-7 kilo roaster.  Diedrich, Probat...  I am in northern California.

Hey Guys,

Totally new to Baristaexchange.  Anyways, we are opening up an amazing coffee roaster and bar here in Salem, Oregon.

Just looking for a Probatino sample roaster, AND 12kilo Probat. We are only slightly desperate... Shoot me an email:

Looking for a 1-lb San Fran or USRC in good condition.  

Dave Borton
BoldJava, LLC

St Paul, MN

Joshua said:

For Sale: 10-12kilo Sassa-Samiac roaster, needs some work on it though
Hi Joshua, I know this is an ancient thread, but is the old Samiac still available?


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