Anyone care to weigh in on favorite fixtures for a 5 kg. roaster setup? attachable Halogens to recommend? Sites to troll for good deals?


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I also use a 5k roaster. I believe full spectrum or natural light is best. I have a set of 3 lights in a bar that are adjustable overhead. I also use some clip on led lights all purchased from Lowe's for cheap.


thanks Eric. I also went over to see the Lowe's selection and was wondering about those LED clip on jobbies...couldn't tell what the "75% spectral efficiency" rating or whatever it was might be adequate, and have had natural bulbs in other setups. I suppose that the shatterproof or enclosed setups are the most logical as long as they provide some real color reading. ODA is pretty specific on the enclosure specs (yes, we were visited...that's another story). The specially-coated service food bulbs kinda suck for an open-bulb setup. Will figure it all out this week but thanks for the reply.

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