As I feel deeply about us as an industry decommoditizing coffee, I think there needs to be a more conversation as to the role the barista plays in that. A new blog post on offers a perspective on this. I'd like to hear from more people out there, I know there are people on bx can offer more to this conversation

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Currently a majority of the coffee grown in the world is traded as commodity. Simply put the quality of the cup has no effect on the commodities price, it's not supply and demand either. It's speculation, similar to the speculation that caused the banking collapse following the mortgage crises, which leads to farmers being severely underpaid for their crop. It means we are not paying the true cost of coffee. Therefore decommoditization is us paying for what it takes to maintain living soil on a farm, for the farm workers to actually receive a living wage, and the farmers to actually make a profit. It's putting a face on the farmers that grow it and do it well. To again borrow a line from Edwin Martinez of Finca Vista Hermosa Farms in Huehuetenango, Guatemala "The growers, brokers, roasters and retailers shouldn’t be the rock stars, rather they should collaboratively be building the pedestal that lets the bean speak. And in this process to share credit where credit is due in building a foundation that allows a phenomenal bean to be tasted and experienced."
good quote, as soon as the farmer gets more appreciation for the extreme amount of work he/she does, my stomach will feel a lot better about placing so much of his/hers product down in there.

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