Recommendations on Espresso and Cappuccino cups & saucers.

Hey guys

Just looking for some recommendations is all. I was hoping to find some Nuova Point cups and such but they seem like a rarity.

I'm planning on competing so I would like to have a fabulous cup set. I would prefer something double walled but I'm open for some recommendations. The internet really doesn't make searching an easy thing.

And, if anyone on here is selling their Nuova Point set...lets chat ;-)


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We bought white crema wear from espresso supply and are really happy. Nice heavy cups and saucers. We got the white ones. Really looks clean and shows off the art. Almost went with Nuova Point, but changed based on prices. And it would be another shipping charge. But try Great Infusions. They have a really nice selection of products. They also have wholesale accounts if you qualify.
Are you looking for competition cups or working cups or working cups you could use later for competition? By your post I would assume comp cups, but by Eric's reply maybe I'm not catching your drift...

Strictly comp cups
Ok. Sorry. I kinda misunderstood. I was thinking about in house cups for serving customers.
I thoroughly enjoy Terra Kerramik cups... like a lot. Don't know if I spelled that right or not.

Wow Bryan

Thanks for the recommendation these are fantastic.

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