My boyfriend and I recently bought a local Coffee drive-thru that's been around for over 15 years. The name now is catchy, "Jitters", but it's the original menu and the place needs our touch and brought completely up to date. 

We already made as many slow transitions as possible, since the place has a very loyal following, but it's time to make one of the main changes asap - re-branding.

Renaming the place has been the hardest part of this process so far. So I now turn to you for ideas and inspiration. Here is some information for what type of name we are looking for:

  • Stand-alone coffee drive-thru
  • Focus on local coffee and local baked goods
  • The customer service and high quality expected at a local cafe'
  • Fast, convenient
  • Space is literately 50 sq. ft.
  • Fun, memorable name related to "on the go/take -out" without getting the feel of cheap and low quality
  • Close to downtown and interstate
  • 85% of the customers are ages 50+ so we want to expand the customer base to young families, young professionals, local teachers (5 schools near by)

Thank you for any creative name you have to offer.

I'd like to have a few options and then let the regulars get to help choose the name.


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Where is this coffee drive thru located? (town name)

Bob, it's located in Cary, nc

Jitters is not a bad name for a coffee hut like yours , and if everyone in the area knows it as Jitters, maybe you should keep it. I would suggest an updated sign and maybe use the front glass windows to paint whats called "window splashes" special or artistic lettering/messages painted on the glass. (check out my website - window murals -

Suggestions keeping Jitters:

Carolina Jitters

Mountain Jitters

Cary's got Jitters

Jennifer's got Jitters


Vittles & Jitters

Hatfield's got Jitters

The McCoy's got Jitters

I like these options adn I'll certainly keep the window splashes in mind.

The only thing I'm worried about is that there is a Jitters franchise and don't want anyone to think we are one of them. That is the main reason I want to rename.

OK. I have the name for you. 

If you use it, you have to consider letting us make you a custom chalkboard sign - which is what we (ArtFX Design Studios) mainly do as a business  ~

The name:  "Cool Beans"

We had a local coffe house/cafe in Champaign, IL with a similar name that might fit for you:

Jitters and Rush

It keeps some of the 15 year history alive, but makes it new again. Best of luck in your "new" venture!

I always prefer a business name that has very little to do with the business.  The common coffee shop names related to coffee give people the impression of a common coffee shop.  If you want to target a younger demographic, I would use a name unrelated to coffee.  Include coffee bar, cafe, or espresso bar in the sub title.

Good luck!

Great point. Thanks, Erik. I'll go that direction.

Jitter's has to go. To me it have negative connotations.  We have a few drive's up in our area that are called The Mud Hut.  Regardless of the quality of their product, to me it says, we take very little pride in the coffee we serve you.  

I don't have a specific suggestion, but I'm kind of with Erik also.  We recently re-named our business and chose something that had a slight regional tie in without getting into the names that everyone else uses.  

Good luck.  It's not easy to pick just the right name.  

I have a name but not sure if it's trademarked- Carry on coffee
It has the name of the city in it, people are familiar with the saying, and it means take out.

Any feedback?



















Joe Jets

If your not familiar with it - google it -

There's a WWII poster that the British government posted during the German bombing of England. It said " Keep Calm and Carry On".

If you use Carry On ... you could create some creative ads or posters playing off that statement.

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