Any suggestions on the proper preparation of a Cafe Cubano, including the correct amount of sugar?

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im cuban. and the "cubano" is kind of retarded to me. no offense. the real way of making cuban coffee is on a stove top. you dont just have awesome espresso machines in cuba. but you do pour a small amount of espresso into a pitcher and whip it with sugar before pouring the rest of the espresso in with the whipped sugar mix. thats how you get the thick crema on top. in a regular coffee shop, i would advise that anyone who wants a cubano just put their own sugar in shots of espresso. OR you can try actually making them for real. if someone will wait for a french press theyll wait for cuban coffee. that way you can make it for real and when they see that, its a completely different experience.

i have some tips though. if youre going to whip the sugar, keep the coffee minimal. if you put too much it wont whip correctly. theres a trick you can do too where you use less sugar but still get the sweet flavor. put in a couple drops of vanilla extract in with your sugar whippy mix. it cuts the bitterness of the way you prep the espresso without making it straight sugar.

also, the cups dont matter. basically as long as its a tiny espresso cup youre good. cubans regularly drink out of all types/shapes of cups. lol when i was little i drank it out of a mickey mouse sippy cup.

this is a picture of the sugar mix. it looks less thick than it was. its good though. ive ate the mix before. im kind of gross though haha. hope this was helpful. or at least entertaining.

holy hell that picture was huge! sorry guys.
This was good, thanks!

alyssa said:
holy hell that picture was huge! sorry guys.
Outstanding! Thank you, Alyssa.
youre welcome guys :]

and i would never put sugar on top of espresso and pull it. but thats just me personally. i am against it. but i think if you dont want to make it the real way, the best and closest thing to it with an espresso machine would be to pull a regular shot and add that first one to a bunch of sugar and whip it. the long skinny spoons usually do this best. you can make a bigger motion the farther your hand is away from the pitcher. but the inside can stay tight and controlled. after thats ready, dump a bunch more shots in and kind of move it around so you know all of the sugar is melted in with the espresso. then pour into cups. i couldnt tell you a measurement on sugar. as im sure most are aware, homemade stuff doesnt usually have a set recipe :/. we kind of eye ball the sugar for the amount of coffee that each size maker can hold.

but yea if someone orders one only, its kind of weird cuz youll probably have left overs. maybe you should only serve them in multiples or something? that way at least if you have 2 servings the first shot is used to make the whipped sugar goo. the second one is mixed in, and then you wont have left overs because youve served both shots. if that makes sense. of course you can serve them single and drink the other one yourself haha. i guess thats an option too lol.

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