I've got a shop opening up in three months depending on how renovations go.  I've already got my crown jewel machine (la marzocco GB/5) and other equipment.  Now i'm left with furnish out and a POS system.  I was wondering if any of you guys have some recommendations on a system.  My shop is in a small college town with no independent coffee houses.  I'm hoping to do up to 250 transactions a day (so not super high volume).

Any advice would be great!

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Check out aldelo for restaurants pro series. We have been using them for 3 years and are very happy. We purchased the hardware and the aldelo software from 1 company. It ran me $2500 for the complete software, already installed on the hardware package which included touch  screen with credit card swipe, hard drive, pole display for customers to see their total plus keyboard with mouse, and automatic cash drawer. There were no other fees after my initial purchase. If you want year round tech support after the first 3 or 6 months I beleive there was a cost of about $200-$300 for the year. Honestly, anytime I called with a basic question I was able to get an answer without even having to go to tech. support. again we have been operating on it for 3 years without any issues. Very user friendly software with the capabilities for everything I could need. Bottom line I got a great system soup to nuts for $2500 with no additional costs or monthly fees.


Hope this helps,



That is nothing the revel systems has been store tested over a 100 transactions an hour.  in a Real store environment.  Not to many shops can beat that.  Check out the transactions live at mixtgreens.com    you can go to the store in San Francisco and check out the system itself.  They even have a coin dispenser which allows for even faster operations.
I guess if you want a cheaper price go adelo  if you want style go Revel Systems iPad POS.

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