I've got a shop opening up in three months depending on how renovations go.  I've already got my crown jewel machine (la marzocco GB/5) and other equipment.  Now i'm left with furnish out and a POS system.  I was wondering if any of you guys have some recommendations on a system.  My shop is in a small college town with no independent coffee houses.  I'm hoping to do up to 250 transactions a day (so not super high volume).

Any advice would be great!

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but i would us a real pos cumputer http://www.posdepot.ca/

we been using openbravo for 7 month and it work perfectly . i build the programe my sell. was a bit hard at the beganing since i have no programing background but now i can do anything with it.

olivier dutil said:
Selby soft is a great system. Check old discussion lots on this subject.
Thanks for the great suggestions. I'll look into both of these systems and check out the previous discussion about it. I'm definitely going to go the full register for the hardware and I have a pretty good lead on one right now. I really appreciate the community of BX and the willingness to help out the industry. I hope one day to have a voice that will benefit others here.
We are using an ipad running square up.
it is not the best POS, but it tracks inventory and sales.
touch flo.
it's OK.
We've been using Coffee Shop Manager for over eight years, started with one shop. Now have five systems in use. Totally bullet proof ... not cheap... but we're very happy with it and we have over thirty staff on them. Learning curve is very short.

For computers we use ELO All-in-One touch systems.


Cayman Islands
At Harper and Madison, a shop in billings MT that I work at, we use an iPad with an app called "shopkeep". It is the best pos system we were able to find for the iPad. It is relatively cheap, all data is backed up and charted, and the iPad is a great space saver.

We are opening an espresso cart soon and have also decided to go with shopkeep (http://shopkeep.com/ipad-pos) .  Been researching a lot of ipad pos systems for their cost/ease of use, and this seems like the one to start with since there is no licensing, startup, or software fees.  $50 per month straight up.  $400 for an ipad and you're good to go, compared to thousands and thousands for a bulky touchscreen computer (all of which seem to have their share of glitches etc.) And it can hook up to a CC printer and drawer.  I'll be able to say for sure in a month when we put it to the test, but I'm pretty convinced that tablet POS are the way of the future.  They'll only get better, and swapping Shopkeep for a better program later would be a snap compared to swapping out an Aloha for Selbysoft or whatever.

Also check out POS Lavu.  Seemed like they might, maybe, have a nicer more robust program, but you pay like $800 for the software.  Good luck!

WoW!!! shopkeep sure look good but it is holy expesive for a software.49 a month for basic or 79 $/ month for the next step up.  that ist over 2352$ over 4 year or 3792 over 4 years for the other one. + the i pad 500$ plus a comptuter 1000$ so this is more 4000 $ for the basic or almost 6000$ for plus. Well for mutch cheaper then that you can get a real pos with commercial touch screen witch wont break after a year in commercial used.

Dont get me wrong i would love to have shop keep in my shop but really i rather put that extra money in stuff that will bring me more returning costumer.




I use Coffeeshop Manager but I am moving my location and looking for a new system myself... I think cloud-based servers are the wave of the future and ipads are an inexpensive way to get a system going.  I'm looking hard at POSLavu (somewhat expensive software fee to start), Revel Systems, and Square (basic but cheap and the CC fees are only 2.75%).  I want to use modifiers and Shopkeep doesn't support that option.  I'm most interested in OWN, but they have yet to get off the ground.


You can't go wrong with Coffeeshop Manager, but it isn't cheap, but it is robust... just not quite as slick as some others out there.

but ipads are so trendy.  :P

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