Recently, a few customers had asked us to cater some events with an espresso bar off-site. I don't have an extra expresso machine at the time to cart around, nor do I have a set-up. But I like to think I am reasonably crafty and that I have a good set group of resourceful friends to go too for a project like constructing an espresso trailer. I don't really need a full blow espresso truck. I was thinking a trailer with a single group 110 espresso machine, small grinder, a hot water tower, and space for a single brewer. I'm not sure what all I would need. But, probably a sink, drain hook-up. I have a small espresso grinder I could use, and a bunn brewer that can be used as a pour-over brewer. I don't technically need the hot water tower. Has anyone made something like this before? What was your experience? Any suggestions? What about design ideas? In my mind I see a small 5 by 7 Box with collapsable and hinged walls that fold down on all sides. The trailer stays elevated, and the walls fold  into a single step and platform leading up to the bar. It's complicated, but not terribly far fetched. All I'd have to do would be to park it under a tent, plug it up to some power, and go. 

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You should check these guys out:!/Welcome_Aboard

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