going into philly 2moro to do some espresso bar hopping. Whats the top shops to score a nice mach or cappuccino?

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My favorites:
and they have a cool co-op effort between a bunch of like-minded shops that you can check out at: http://independentscoffee.com/

Hope you find some good coffee!
Chestnut Hill Coffee

Headed up by the legendary John Hornall from Hines Coffee.

Also Ultimo Coffee with would be a must go to place.
Don't for get Ultimo Coffee at 15th and Mifflin, and Lovers and Madmen at 40th and Ludlow, Bhodi Coffee, somewhere on 2d, Jose Garces has a coffee bar now, Brew Ha Ha, Satellite, Last Drop, The Beauty Shop, go out on the Main Line for Town Hall and Milkboy. Maybe stay an extra day or two.
Thanks for the ideas. Ended up checking out spruce street espresso, and bodhi
The spruce st. shop was awesome and did a heart in my machiatto. Also checked out la colombes shop near rittenhouse which wad also had a serious coffee bar. the coffee I knew would be good ther considering its what they serve at my shop.

Also will make a return visit to check out many others.

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