Alright so forgive me if this topic has already been started but, what are the three weirdest/coolest things someone has dropped into your tip cup? For me it was

1.Chuck E Cheese token
3. A small coin shaped piece of metal which had the outline of an angel on top. Above the angel it said "a guardian angel, sent to watch over you"

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when did we have weed in our tip jar & you didn't tell me?!

cavirett said:
1. Marijuana
2. foreign coinage
3. religious tracts
Where are you people working that you get reefer!?

Are you hiring?
The shop I used to work had the tip jar stolen more often than cool things being in there.

1. I've had coins from the barbados and kuwait.
2. Michaelangelo-Ninja turtle =P
Someone bought us shrimp once, but they didn't put it in the tip jar.
Gum wrappers
Guitar pic
Foreign money
Best was a coke top for free soda lol
We always get Franks and Euros, tight fisted ******'s
1. roofing nails
2. foreign money (all kinds...)
3. a banana
-a toy giraffe that walks when you wind his tail
-a feminine wipe for when you "don't feel so fresh" (eewwwww)
-a "brush up" (one of the things you put on your finger to brush your teeth)
I got a coin that read: "Be my hot little pussy Cat." The worst tip ever.
Green of the non-money variety (better than cash)... napkin art-oragami (creative but not better than cash) and finally i once had a better tip jar placed in my tip jar, "to increase revenue"
The worst things that I regularly find in the tip jar are
1. Trash - (somehow mistaking the tip jar for a trash jar full of money?)

2. Canadian coins - ( I would understand it if I lived up North, but this is Tulsa)

3. Religious tracts - (If these people would spend their money on something other than printing ridiculous fliers and adding new wings to their mega-church and instead, I don't know, feed and house the homeless... I might have some respect for them as a whole. But instead they worry that the tattooed kid making their coffee every morning with a Dawkins book next the espresso machine is on a direct path to eternal damnation....and if only he would take a look at their poorly produced and somewhat hysterical account of creation, then maybe, just maybe, he will forget everything he learned in all those years of college and instead revert to a bronze age understanding of humanity rife with magic and fairy tales)......sorry it just bugs me a bit.
who tipped us weed? and what did you do with it?

-ive had, literally, the contents of someones pocket (a button, lint, random paper scraps, etc.)
-those stupid religious tracts that look like money, but when you see them and your hopes get up, you only come to find that you're a crappy person...buzzkill for sure.
-someone pumped syrup in our tip jar once. we had to wash all the money. and it smelled good.
-one time, this girl put a $20 bill in the jar, and my fellow barista and i were quite happy, until the girl came back up and said it was a mistake, took it out, and replaced it with a dollar. womp.

-one time someone tried to offer me cigarettes as currency to buy something. its not a tip jar story, but they actually thought it was a good idea and it would work. it didn't.

cavirett said:
1. Marijuana
2. foreign coinage
3. religious tracts

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