Alright so forgive me if this topic has already been started but, what are the three weirdest/coolest things someone has dropped into your tip cup? For me it was

1.Chuck E Cheese token
3. A small coin shaped piece of metal which had the outline of an angel on top. Above the angel it said "a guardian angel, sent to watch over you"

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habeñero peppers
*Plastic ring
Canadian coins :)
..condoms, cigarettes, and for a litlle while we had a beta fish by the cash register, it was funny when people put money in the fish jar.
1. Marijuana
2. foreign coinage
3. religious tracts
weirdest/coolest things found in the tip cup aside from large denom. bills

3. a human tooth - grossest thing

2. St Christopher medallion - kinda cool i s'pose

1. go-cart tickets - coolest thing by far
1 oz of Mary.

A check made out to me for $121.57...(the customer never tipped, and felt bad one day, so she wrote me a check.)

Dollars folded into weird shapes
1. scratchies to the value of 10 dollars
1. Hand-blown glass beads.

2. Asian currency

3. Arcade tokens
some of the worst tips:
1. marbles
2. rocks
3. a corner of a dollar bill
4. car wash tokens
1. Currency from other countries (Mexico, Philippines, Canada)

2. A guitar pick

I haven't been doing this that long, I'll add more later!
got a little keyring version of the eiffel tower, which still stands on our little tip plate! always getting foreign coins kinda annoying haha. One girl wrote in hot chocolate on her saucer "what if it's cancer?" which freaked me out royally! she had prepaid, and when finished brought the cup and 'painted' saucer up to me and practically ran out the door.... very strange

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