Customers have done nice things for us. But what compliments have they given you or what's the nicest thing customers have said to you?

Mine were:
"Thank you for being so patient"

"You just made my day better"

I know these aren't exceptional, but it's still nice to get that verbal 'pat on the back'.

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I was told that by a traveler from the UK that I had made the finest latte he and his wife had tasted while on "holiday" in the states...that made me smile.

I made another wonderful regular customer of mine a pour over of some Bali blue Krishna I had roasted and I gave it to her saying " merry Christmas" and she got a few tears and told me it made her day and that a random act of kindness was just what she needed. It inspired me to give all my regulars the same...didn't even sell a cup or a bean of the whole 5 pound bag of that special coffee. It reminded me that the folks that come in on a daily basis are the reason I can own such a wonderful little shop. It also resulted in a tip jar full of $ that more than made up for the cost of the beans...remember to let your loyal folks know you know who they are...

I love the connection between TED and good coffee. It's a wonderful combo. :-)

barista Dan said:

I was at the TED Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center, California. A group of attendees (ticket price was around ten thousand for a three day event), approached me on the final day and stated that they voted me the best barista at the show. It was a great feeling.

Just being around that crowd of stars gave me the energy and passion to become a better latte artist.

"We really admire your work"

Not "the coffee you make" or "the drinks" but "your work"...I love that it acknowledges the art of coffee. 

after drinking espresso, excellent work, I only drink it when you're on.  

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