New cafe opening need recommendations on espresso machines

hey sup everyone!! im about to open up another cafe... thinking of changing my espresso machine. Can neone help me out on which machines is good? ne recommendation? i was thinking either getting the la cimbali GT or WBC simonelli. And also an espresso small grinder and reg size grinders... thanks!!!

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no, just pm me your email address, I can't send direct messages on here for some reason. Admin hasn't gotten back to me about that yet.
I have an M39 (for sale too) but have used it since i opened 2 years ago....great machine, has always provided consistency and does what its supposed to. Truly cant go wrong with it....but I own a synesso too....and love it for its accuracy of shot extraction... and much more.

Chris Son said:
thanks everyone!! i got much to think about!! a lot of you guys r saying la cimbali gt m39 is no good? and get aurelia? i dunno ill look into everything you guys said and make my decidition.

Cant go wrong with La marzocco linea, have been around a while and are proven to produce great results time and time again and very reliable too. 

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