If you were a person with no skills and was trying to break into the barista world. What would you do? I have applied at several places and all of them wanted someone with experience. I even went into a couple of places and talked with the owner because they had a position available but they shot me down because I had no experience. Do you think it would be wise to talk some sort of training? Or do you think it would be a waste of my time and that I should keep putting out applications? Any thought for someone is loves coffee.

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Thanks to everyone for their input.! I have started to correlate a plan with your advice. I was already volunteering at something else that weekend of the NWRBC but what the hey, I went ahead and signup to volunteer at NWRBC. I guess I'm not expressing myself enough in the 5 second pre-interview...:) I need to try harder! I had already decided to go to school after I got a barista position but It will not hurt since I have time to do so. I was thinking about going to this school in seattle http://www.seattlebaristaacademy.com/Home/tabid/53/Default.aspx . Does anyone have opinions about this school? I also join up with meet-up.com and found they also have a coffee group that meets up and goes around to try different coffee/tea.
I started at my first coffee job very recently, about a month and a half ago. I got my job nearly a year after I first applied there, because it's a small, local shop. But what got me the job was that I had been going, and developing a report with the owner and baristas, as well as a love and knowledge of coffee for a year previous to that. I even interviewed my now boss, about 6 months before I first applied at the shop, for a project in my Business 101 class. It really is all about showing your interest and passion for the art of making espresso and espresso drinks. If you apply somewhere where they already recognize your face, your drink, and know a bit about you, you are likely to be remembered when your resume and cover letter pop up in the pile once it comes time to hire. Best of luck!

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