I work at a busy shop where in one shift I can pull 150-250 shots of espresso.  At the end of the shift, my hand look and feel awful.  They're all cracked, brown, and black.  Partly from the the esprosso, constantly removing the portafilter from the machine, and constantly washing my hands.  Anyone else have this problem and found a good soap/lotion or a remedy for this?

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Huge issue with my hands as well and this is the first time I have run across a thread on it.  For cleaning I use a nail brush and vinegar.  Tired every lotion on the market and the best one I found so far is called Hydrous Emollient which I apply every night before sleep.  This can be found at any drug store and is usually kept in a cupboard where they do prescriptions.  You will not find it on the shelves... or at least I have never saw it.  A bit expensive at 24 bucks for 450 grams but well worth it.

I never really knew what part of my days work caused so much staining on my fingers or the severe cracking.  Mostly appeared on my index finger of my right hand and thumb.  Finally narrowed it down to the dosing.  My finger is always in contact with the side of my grinder where there is always a super fine layer of "coffee dust".

I am thinking of installing grinders with electronic timers on them and that would eliminate the dosing action. 

Anyone out there have anything to add to this?  Would love to hear from you as this is by far the biggest issue that bugs me in this profession.

Thanks for any advice or directon.



Yeah, this is a problem for lots of us.

Eliminating the cracks will make them easier to keep clean. Agreed with the nail brush suggestion. I've also had good luck with Fast Orange mechanic's hand cleaner to remove coffee oils (its the only thing that removes that awful rancid smell after I clean a nasty grinder). I now carry a bottle in my toolbag.

As far as moisture... take in a thing of a moisturizing hand soap and use it instead of whatever is provided? I like the non-greasy feel of Aveeno's daily moisture lotion for overall use during the day and Aquaphor healing ointment for helping the areas that are already cracked to heal at night.

There was another thread with additional suggestions kicking around. Might be worth digging around.

Some good thoughts on barista skin care here, as well as discussion of health department policy and sanitizer behavior. We do tend to drift, don't we :).

My hands are in much better shape since we switched to an e-Rubur, the direct contact with coffee and also the heat from touching the portofilter are hard on hands.

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