Hello everyone!

I just finished up my first roast on the behmor 1600, and I'm a little unsure of where exactly they fall. I was shooting for a city roast, and I feel like I came close if nothing else. I was hoping to get some feedback! :D
I used profile one, with the default 8:30. Near the end I added an extra 30 seconds, but was afraid to push it further in fear of a fire (which may have taken place my first actual roast, although the real first batch were dry processed greens).


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That looks pretty city-like to me.  I wonder, what size batch did you start with, and when did you hit first crack?

For my Behmor I usually stick to 4.6oz to start, aiming for a 4oz finish.  I'll use #2 or #4 most of the time too, giving the coffee more time to roast evenly.  Getting first crack around 8-9min depending on origin/varietal, finishing the roast at 9:30-11min.  I've found going with larger batch caused the bean mass to heat too slowly, baking the coffee instead of roasting (leaving it acidic), and compensating with program #1 caused tipping.

I'll usually pre-heat the machine too, running it for a few minutes at #1 then letting it "Cool" for a few more so I could handle the tray.  Seems to get the temperature up more quickly since all the metal is up over 100 degrees F, instead of starting from room temperature.

Thanks for all the advice! It's greatly appreciated.

I started out with exactly 1/4 lb. I hit the first crack about 7:30-8 or so minutes in (I'll have to reference my notes when I get home).

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