Dear Coffee Lovers,

I am living on the west coast for the time being working for a very well respected coffee company. I am planning on moving back to my hometown in MI within the next 12 months. I have been working on biz plans and have been working on raising capital.

My only issues are going into business all by myself is going to be difficult, manageable, but difficult. I want to focus on the roasting of the greens, working through direct trade, and setting up wholesale accounts throughout the state. I would like a partner that has a wealth of knowledge in roasting but most importantly they need to be a highly skilled barista or at least have the passion and discipline to get better.

I would like to have you run the shop with your coffee knowledge and skills. If you have managerial experience as well than that is a definite plus so I will be able to focus on the whole bean sales.

I would like to help revolutionize the midwests' perception of coffee and introduce their palate's to a new and exciting idea, "good coffee."

Feel free to reply to this if you are truly interested. If you are somewhat interested than let's not waste each other's time.

Thank You


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What part of MI are you looking at?
I am looking at the tri-city area which included Bay City, Saginaw, and Midland.

Adam Ptasnik said:
What part of MI are you looking at?
Andrew that is a tall order. Ambitious, optimistic, confident. You must have some pretty impressive credentials and some rich uncles to try to conquer the Midwest. Let me know if I can be of assistance. Perhaps you would really like to sell coffee for someone else? Best of luck. Keep us posted of your exciting plans.

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