Ok maybe a strange request. Anyone know the specific size bolt used in the lower burr carrier on the Super Jolly? Don't suggest I call Devon at EPNW, he couldn't come up with it and obviously hence they don't carry it.


Worst case scenario I'll down one of the production Jollies and take it's bolt out...

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Funny, I need to buy a new one tomorrow too - I need it for a customer grinder that's missing one. Anyone?

Rats, you were one person I thought might know! I can say SJ burr screws are spec'd as M4x8mm, but M4x12mm work ok with a bit extending from the upper burr up into the bean area... (Major M5x10mm)

Espresso Services (ESI) in MN is a huge master importer of Mazzer... I bet Steve Parenteau or someone else in tech services would know.  I'll probably be ordering some stuff today, If I find out, I'll update.


FYI bolt removed from other SJ was a M8x1.25x16. Home Depot close by so checked there first since I knew they carried some metric. Had M8x1.25x12 and x20, x12 worked fine x20 to long. Be careful, Home Depot does have M8x1.0x16, x1.0 wrong thread of course.
Thanks, Mike. We have a great hardware store in Charlotte that stocks lots of stainless metric, I'll pick up a half a dozen next time I'm there.

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