Ready to upgrade our espresso grinders and interested in the Robur E's but would like to hear comments from owners / baristas now using them. Any surprises? Worth the $$? Have the Robur E's caused you to modify your procedures?

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We are also thinking of taking the plunge. I Have a wholesale customer who uses a E-Major and I'm not impressed there is too much fluctuation in doseing as the hopper empty's. The Robur supposedly solves this with the auger fed conical burrs but I would love to hear form someone using one.
Robur E's take a good 30kg, before the fluctuation in each dose settles. However, in a high volume coffee shop environment, the grinder is a real soldier.

Not only does it prevent strain on the wrist or weird shoulder lifting which can result in RSI and other chronic injury, it also prevents wastage by a good 99% made up statistic. We can keep our dosage (after the break in) at 100% accuracy every time. We can pump out coffee at godspeed times, due to the 3-4 seconds required to fill out basket instead of 6-7 seconds on a doser (grinding on demand and leveling). We don't need to level, I even tried to make some channeling, it's just too damn good.

Why do I say we? Because the Robur-e is everyone's favourite. Also, yes the auger fed conical burrs help.
How often to you change the burrs? It seems that 60-70 lbs to "break in" the grinder is a pretty big waste. I've heard this from others, up to 150 lbs for break in. Do you have to do this for every burr set you replace? Do conicals have a longer life expectancy than flats?
The amount of coffee to get it stable is, in some ways a waste... if you're using fresh beans! Perhaps get a box or two of stale old stock off a nearby roaster for cheap? :) Just a thought.

Conical burrs are of a higher quality, and Mazzer's newly designed conical series is in the newer grinders of this year, consisting of a more vertically angled cut and higher breaking point. Extending the life expectancy of their conical's more so than their older designs. As for them out-lasting flats, I honestly don't have the answer.. I really don't know. :) Sorry about that.

I imagine for every new burr set, you would have to season it a little each time. However, I don't believe Conical burrs are too expensive, as they go for around $150 - $250 AUS dollars.
How often do you replace your conical burrs? We replace our flats every 1000 pounds or so.
We haven't replaced them yet. It's only new. :)

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