Hello everyone! Our store is looking to get some different chai besides the standard, below average oregon chai. We used to have My Chai which was fantastic but extremely expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions for a more middle of the road brand that is good? Thanks!

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They have. Pixie is now being brewed at the Third Street facility in Boulder as well (and packaged in the quart size bottle instead of the aseptic box). Great peeps there.

Paul Yates said:
I read somewhere online that 3rd Street and Pixie Mate were considering merging...can anyone confirm that?
Hi Paul:

Rumor confirmed - Pixie Mate and Third Street Chai merged last May. The biggest change you'll see is that the Pixie concentrate will now be microbrewed in the Third St facility in Boulder, and the packaging will change from tetrapacks to 32 oz recyclable plastic bottles. Also, Pixie will be available in the 64 oz size.

Paul Yates said:
I read somewhere online that 3rd Street and Pixie Mate were considering merging...can anyone confirm that?
I have tried this Chai and really like it


It is very good and a nice small company to work with. Joel is the owners name
David Rio!!! We serve the Tiger Spice and the Elephant Vanilla and our customers are addicted. They are so tasty. I get the powdered form and it seems to work great. We ran out for a few days and the customers were in a furry.
People in our area really dig the Big Train Spiced Chai. They like it over Oregon Chai.
I just brew Chai tea to order for customers that want it amongst other teas. It's super simple. So my question is, why is there a need for a concentrate?
I use Oregon Chai at my shop because many people like it but i also carry a delicious Green Chai made in Portland, Oregon....Dragonfly Chai. It is not as sweet as Oregon Chai and is a bit spicier....really good made as a latte or just with hot water
Hi Malia:

Bhakti Chai is made in CO and is quite spicy, but it needs to be kept refrigerated and I think they only deliver in the Boulder/Denver area. It is also very expensive (it retails in grocery stores for $11.99 a quart, dont know about the wholesale). You might want to give the Third Street Chai Spicy Ginger a shot - it's shelf-stable for a year (no refrigerator necessary until it's open), costs much less, and it is very comparable to Bhakti in spiciness. As for the Chai Company, all I know is that they wear these weird, matching shirts to the SCAA and CoffeeFest trade shows. Just for full disclosure, you should also know that I work for Third Street, so obviously, i'm a little biased :-)

Malia Vansant said:
I can't vouch for either as I have yet to try them, but Bhakti Chai and The Chai Company are two companies I've come across in my web travels. Bhakti is made in Colorado, keeps for 12 weeks and has a reputation in in the state for its spiciness. I just stumbled across The Chai Company today. it has two varieties - Authentic and Rooibos. It is based in Canada, but has an office in Washington state.

The wholesale prices are not listed, so you'd have to contact them to find out.

Does anyone know more about these two?
We use Morning Glory Chai which is made locally here in seattle. it is very nicely balanced, not too spicy, and very clean tasting. I think it is probably a little more expensive than most chais, but we just charge accordingly. They are a great company and we love supporting them!
Our customers like the taste of Big Train Spiced Chai. We have tried others including oregon chai but they don't like it. We stick with what the customers like. :-)
Everyone is looking for authentic chai- that's great! But, after serving chai from Oregon Chai, My Chai (seemed weak when I tried it prepared by them at coffee fest?), and others... my customers keep coming back for "the best chai they ever had" Big Train Vanilla Chai. No, I can't believe it either! But over and over they come back (with friends) for the nearly famous Vanilla Chai. The other option I've like is Mighty Leaf's Bombay Chai steeped in water then topped with frothed milk and .5oz of either Vanilla or Ginger syrup from Monin.
I'll have to look into this Big Train Chai...I actually placed an order for a couple different kinds from Third Street Chai in Colorado so i'll have to let you know how they are! I should be getting them today or tomorrow.

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