I'm looking for an affordable single group and mini grinder to use at home. I'm not in the know about smaller machines. I would prefer something used. Any advice would be wonderful, as well as leads on sellers, websites, etc...

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What's your budget like? What kind of things are you looking for in a machine?
Head over to the coffeegeek.com forum. Tons of info--recommendations for particular price point combinations, etc.--and quality used equipment from trustworthy sources is always available on the "buy, sell and trade" forum.
I'll second the coffeegeek.com forums idea as your best source for literally hundreds of threads asking your exact same question. You might consider an Expobar Brewtus and Mazzer Mini combo. That's what I've been using at home for the past four years. The Brewtus has dual boilers with a pressure gauge for each boiler. It has commercial size and quality portifilters, unlike most home machines. Temperature control is pretty much dead-on in the standard version but you can also get it with a PID temp controller and have fanatically accurate temp control if you want. It comes with either a rotary pump in a plumbed version, (which requires a water line to be connected to it), or there's a vibe pump version with a water tank that's nice if you want your machine to be portable. The rotary pump will last longer and is quieter. The vibe pump gives you a slower ramp-up to full pressure when you engage the pump, kinda like pre-infusion.
third, plus none of know your budget as well as you do
Im thinking about selling an older Faema c85/1. It's a compact 1gr, 110v. Good for a home setup. Recent tune up, good machine. Seems like these go for somewhere in the $400-$600 range... not sure.
Could you define affordable? I mean, there is a guy looking for a conical on CG at the moment, and he's wanting to spend no more than $120. That's his definition of affordable, and I'm thinking that unless he's thinking hand driven conical, he's gonna get a rude shock.
So, as they are fond of saying out on the track, "How fast can you afford to go?"

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