Howdy, ya'll.

I'm interested in checking out cold brew (toddy) recipes from other folks.

Share 'em here!

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We use a mmedium-dark roasted colombian bean. Coarse grind 5lbs and 14qts water. Stirr it an hour in for better extraction

Any coffee you want. After you cold brew for a period of 18-22 hours, cut it with 2 parts water, or whatever you want. I...need to dig up my recipe. I got it here somewhere. 

I like to take the concentrate and cut it with condensed milk, and whole milk. 

We cold brew in small batches, using a 1:1 ratio (1 lb coffee to 1 gallon cold water for example). Generally, we use a lighter roast, and brew without a filter for 16 -18 hours overnight. The coffee gets filtered in the morning, and makes a really tasty cold brew.  

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