What are the majority of you doing with your bar towels after use? Do you launder them yourselves or employ a linen service to handle that? How much does laundering cost? Does anyone have recommendations on companies to use or how to search for this locally?

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While I often think of doing things to the cat after he does one of his blood drawing, attack and runs... we also have three dogs. Does anyone use Aramark? I think that's how it's spelled. I saw one of their towels laid in the drive through window at our local DQ (I asked who does them). It looked so much nicer then the ones we were sent by our company. I need to do a price comparison.

Brady said:
Denise Smith said:
We couldn't wash at home as we have pets...

Easy fix for you Denise - just make sure the cat isn't in the dryer before you start the load.


We aren't willing to spend the money on a linen exchange service, but we've found a happy medium.  There are many laundromats who do washes by the pound.  We have just purchased our own rags, dry them before putting them in the hamper, and we call for pickup when we are running low.  It costs us about $30 every two weeks.  I haven't found, though, rags that I love.  Any suggestions on a great terry cloth rag that is durable, dark, and not-too-heavy?

I drop ours off at the local laundromat a couple of blocks away from the shop once a week.  They wash and fold them for $10-$12 bucks.  Drop off in the morning and pick up after lunch.  I'd recommend going this route.  Shoot man, just the time it takes to fold a weeks worth of rags pays for itself in the time saved. It supports another family-owned neighborhood business as well. 

We do all of our own laundry- rags and aprons. So far, in the last 5-6 years, we've had no trouble with our washer at all. We use regular soap, oxy-clean, and bleach. Considering we do at least one load a day, it is easier/cost-effective for us to do our laundry in house.

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