has anyone gone about installing flowmeters in a linea AV (gasp! I know but we don't use those features, it is just what we have to work with)? I know it can be done. the LM parts diagram labels it as an optional part. however it seems that the tunbe that goes into the three way valve where the gigleur belongs needs to be threaded with a tap. not a big deal, a trip tp the hardware store will fix that. what i am interested in is wether or not i need to counter sink the end of the giggleur into the tube, or do I just thread in 1/2" or so and put in the gigleur?

thanks in advance,

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Ummm....Flowmeters as an option? I thought the groupheads either had the connections for flowmeters, or didn't have them, one or the other.
sorry, that should have read flow restrictors aka giggleurs/ giggelos/ jigglers

As far as I know, you can reroute the plumbing and simply bypass the flowmeters on the Linea AV. Then the white brew switch functions just as it would on a Linea EE. I've heard that the flowmeter won't work properly with heavy gicleur/flow-restrictors. Order a set of banjo-to-solenoid tubes (one per group... #28 in the diagram, part #TL25/26) and bypass your flow-restrictor, which would basically give you an EE group.

As for your other question, yeah, you just tap it a little and screw in the gicleur as you see it in the diagram. Bending the tubes (if you get new ones) to line up well, without pinching off the copper tubing accidentally, takes a little finesse.

Alternatively, though you don't quite get the same exact effect, Jeremy Tooker from Fourbarrel Coffee in SF showed me that a gicleur will fit right into the top of a Linea's dispersion (group screen) screw, if you tap it. Much easier to deal with, and you'd have no issue with the flowmeter.

Good luck dude! We played "Final Countdown" every hour on the hour on Sunday. Thought you'd like to know. :-P
thanks for the info. I have been working on our shop owners for permission to make that swap to EE for some time now. there concerns I don't really understand. in the mean time we will stick with them including all the extra plumbing and heat control issues. that come with the flowmeters.

It looks to me that the tube needs to be drilled out a bit first, then tapped. there is too much of a size difference between the two. I will probably just do a ghetto tap with a screw. after all it is just copper that is getting tapped.

in an ee linea when the gicleurs are installed should they stick out from the tubing? Just the part without threads makes sense to me otherwise how could they be replaced. let me know if I am crazy here.

that is a really interesting thought about mounting a gicleur into the dispersion screen, however I am really not seeing that working as the gicleurs I have are nearly the same size as the screws themselves.

smiles all around!
nick, thanks for the help. the install went pretty smooth. I ghetto tapped the tubes and it worked a charm. Great results so far better smoother body. more viscous. even less prone to channelling particularly at the edges(pretty much the only place I get channeling). however I am noticing a bit of a diffence in the rate of flow between groups. one is the odd man out at about double the rate of the other two. could I have recieved some different gicleurs, 2x.6mil, 1x.7/.8 mil? any thoughts.
Yo dude. Assuming that you are talking about installing gicleurs.

You're working with a Linea EE, yes?? If so, all you have to do is take out the gicleurs that are already in the line (they are big, but still there), and replace them with the smaller ones. Don't get the ruby gicleurs, I tried that and found out that they are only for newer machines. The ones you should be using are brass. I don't have the part # right now, but you can find it at espressoparts.com.
All you need is a couple of wrenches and some pliers and it's a pretty simple process. Just be sure that your machine is COOL. Very important. The malleable brass parts will snap if they are still warm. I wonder how I know that??
Hey Chris -
What sort of screw did you use for the 'tap'? Same thread size as the gicleurs? I would like to do the same to my AV. As far as the faster flow rate it sounds like you may have gotten a larger size, or perhaps water is finding it's way around? I don't know if that is even possible.
Keep us/me posted on what you find out!
Chris, most likely, you're getting a little bit of leaking around the gicleur with the higher flow rate. Otherwise, it's totally possible that you have a different sized gicleur as well. If you're super-careful, you can wrap the possibly-leaking one with a tiny bit of teflon tape. Be careful not to overwrap though.

That said, I'd test those flowmeters to make sure you're getting the same volume of water now. Like I said, I've heard anecdotally that flow-restrictors can confound the flowmeters a bit.
thanks, I bet you are right and a bit of tape will fix the problem.

no worry about the flowmeters. we really don't use them. save for learnign some flushing routines with newbies. so on that fron we should be ok.


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