Hey all, Im a pretty new barista and i was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions about where to watch or read a step-by-step guide on how to do good latte art. I can do a heart almost every time and a rosetta about 1/3 of the time, but I can't seem to get to the point where i can do it every time. Any suggestions?

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Youtube is your friend... Type in latte art; rosetta; tulip etc and watch them at it.... There's hours of useful video
Check out http://espresso101.com/ under dvd's it's called Advanced Barista Training: Extreme Pours
You tube... You can find anything you want, and more. I promise there is some cool stuff.
Sounds to me like you just need to practice/ watch some you tube. If you can get a heart most times then you are doing pretty well. Concentrate on milk consistancy, if you screw up the steaming process then you are done before you even start. Experiment, have fun, and know that no one gets it every time.
I did a video called "how to make the perfect latte"... extraction, texturing milk, pour techniques, its at www.monkeysee.com enter the key word "latte"... hope its helpful.... there is link to it from my bx page. latte art is generally something that sets in over time, not a series of epiphanical moments, as muscle memory is a key component to consistency... practice
Thanks everyone who replied to this... It's been very helpful
I've posted a link to this in another thread on this very topic not too long ago, but here it is again.

I find that when I get in a slump, I'll just switch to a different technique, and that usually solves the problem. Sometimes the problem is a staleness of sorts on the barista's movements.. they become *too* habitual to the point that we are not longer conscious about the minute intricacies of what's going on anymore, and it becomes time to change something in order to pull out of this weird habitual funk.

Sometimes, I find it works just to get back to the basics.

You can google search "latte art 101" and click on the top link, or you can do it the easy way and just click here: http://tx-coffee.com/2007/07/08/article-1-latte-art-101/
This thread was helpful when you posted it previously, thanks Jason.

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